Charles Alexander                               Rod Guyer                              Heather Law
Satoko Barash                                       Debra Haber                          Dick Lumaghi          

Mike Brady                                            Denise Heueners                  Cathleen Panttaja    

Denise Chaix                                          Roq Horowitz                        Jim Persky
Jodie Clark                                             Laurie Howard                      Gail Rushmore
Diane Clifton                                         Jerry Irwin                              Bernadette Straub
Mimi Booth                                            Linda Irwin                            Jacob Troester
Doug Browe                                           Sheila Jenkins                       Heidi Vaughan
Marybeth Burkhardt                           Paul Kaplan                            Barbara Voorhies
Valerie Euart                                         Doug Kell                                Ron Woolsey.

About MICA

Lake Mendocino

Similar to the purpose of guilds in medieval times, Mica was formed to share resources and ideas, strengthen our influence, improve purchasing power for supplies, provide charitable works, and to educate the public as to the importance of ceramic art. Most importantly, MICA fosters mutual support, networking advantages, and continued learning in our field.

From majestic mountain tops to fertile river valleys, our small rural communities, back road residences, and wilderness provide us with the serenity to create. Mendocino County is the chosen home for a diverse group of artists who continue to be in awe of the majestic redwood forests, the stately oaks, and the gifts of nature that inspire them. Geographically separated by many miles of rural roads, MICA brings us together to forge valuable relationships and to celebrate ceramic art.