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Rod Guyer

I was seduced by the potter’s wheel as a college freshman in 1968 and forty-five years later I still feel that same excitement and challenge while working on the wheel. The comfort of rhythm, repetition, quiet meditation, and the ability to shape clay into a utilitarian object is a gift that I never take for granted. The glazing and firing of my work has never quite held the same interest as working with the wet clay so I spend more creative energy on the form and it’s nuances rather than a controlled decorative glaze application. Surface decoration may include faceting, stamp impressions, arbitrary marks or ridges, and lug handles to complete the form. The simplicity of a subtle muted glaze or the wood firing process will usually satisfy my requirements to complete the pot. The constant for me is the utilitarian vessel that will be used in the home and the shared intimacy within that context. I find ways to alter and decorate beyond the traditional round form. I happily make the pots that feel right for me, reveling in my enthusiasm of working with wet clay and knowing that these vessels will be used in people’s everyday lives.